Lush Lawn


Welcome to Lush Lawn Mowing & Garden Care; specialists in keeping your lawn and garden looking perfect all year round through lawn treatments, lawn care, lawn mowing services, garden tidying, garden clearance and more.

We work with busy professionals, families, retired couples and businesses that want beautiful lawns and tidy gardens but don't have the time, equipment or perhaps specialist knowledge to keep their gardens well groomed and their lawns healthy.

Lawn care is a year round task, with the right treatment and care given at the right time of year to prevent yellowing, patching, pet damage, maintain healthy grass plants and to keep moss and weeds to a minimum.

With a choice of services to suit Lush Lawn Mowing & Garden Care are there for you, year round, come rain or shine keeping your lawn and garden looking well cared for, neat and above all LUSH!

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